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I believe the only source of really raw creation the Holy Spirit is interested in is coming out of the church - and that'll come out of the church losing its inhibitions towards the things of the Spirit, not out of educating itself in culture. Art is always communication. Yes, but I don't always have to know what I'm saying. Christianity and the cinema have had a long relationship dating back to the very beginnings of cinema. The cinema can be a beautiful means of glorifying God and of carrying out the Lord's work in society. God has always allowed a special bond between mothers and their children.

It is not like any other relationship in the world! Feeding the poor is an essential part of underground ministry. How do these work together? One of the crucial areas that we have discovered in ministering to the sub-culture is learning how to set them free, from the major strongholds and bondages that continue to pull them down and trip them up.

Methods of Outreach Here, specific ways of reaching out to underground subcultures are explored. Starting a Coffeehouse Outreach Hanging on the wall under a lamp near the front of our coffeeshop we have a picture of a group of circus freaks. Bringing in Bands When considering bringing in bands to your ministry, there are several questions that should be answered, and principles that should be thought about.

Redefining Street Ministry For The Emerging Generation I had ended up in the streets of the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco where I encountered a crazy new life that was completely different from anything that I had ever experienced before Living on the Street I left Atlanta, GA at the end of September to answer a call that God has had on my heart for the past ten years, to reach the alternative culture and street kids in Seattle, WA. Reaching Out in a Party Area Being a Christian in a party city and committing yourself to that city is sort of like parachuting into a war zone of the world and extending the welcome mat of God's love and sacrifice to the door of every heart and home.

Reaching Out Through Underground Music I believe the only source of really raw creation the Holy Spirit is interested in is coming out of the church - and that'll come out of the church losing its inhibitions towards the things of the Spirit, not out of educating itself in culture. Helicopters — Helicopters are also aircraft.

A spokesman who mentions aircraft could be referring to fixed-wing aircraft or helicopters or both.

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Both aircraft are subsonic. They depend for their safety on carbon-based composite building materials and an unusual shape that absorbs radar signals or reflects them at angles that make the aircraft difficult to detect for useful periods of time. See also VTOL. Do not use in referring to aerial bombing or ground-to-ground attacks. The Predator is a U. VTOL — vertical take-off and landing. It is a useful one for the lead paragraph, but it is better in most cases to be specific fighter, bomber , although some aircraft can carry out a variety of missions, such as the F The Fairchild A Thunderbolt is a ground-attack aircraft designed to support ground forces.

The Panavia Tornado is a multirole combat aircraft.

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The B is a long-range bomber. If in doubt about the name of any of these just call it an armored vehicle. An artillery piece such as a gun or howitzer may be mounted on tracks or wheels and be self-propelled. Journalists have mistaken self-propelled guns for tanks. The Soviet-designed BMP-1 carries infantry and is armed with an antitank missile launcher and a 73mm gun. It provides protection against small-arms fire and shell splinters, and may be armed with machineguns. The Soviet designed BTR has gunports down the side.

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They are tracked, and usually armed with a large gun of perhaps mm, mm or mm caliber firing with the help of computerized target selection and fire control. Shells hardened with depleted uranium may be used to pierce armor. The secondary armament consists of one or more machineguns.

The British Challenger tank is designed to survive nuclear, chemical and biological attack. Reporters should make sure a tank is a tank and not an APC—a too common mistake. Also battlefront and battleground. Avoid both unless in quotes. Spell out BDA in parentheses if used in a quote biological warfare — The use in warfare of microorganisms to cause death or disease. It ranges from hand-to-hand combat to the risk of an exchange of intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Spell out what is meant. It implies a set-piece engagement, not, for instance, a few militiamen jumping garden walls and blasting away with rifles. So also gunfire, gunman and gunpoint. It is an extensive attack over days, weeks or months often on a wide front or an entire theater of a campaign or war by air, sea or ground forces and sometimes all three.

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Ranks should never be abbreviated even when ordinal numbers are involved and should be capitalized when referring to a specific individual. In general, ranks in the armed forces of the main English-speaking countries such as the United States, Britain and Australia are not hyphenated, e.

However, there are exceptions, such as Canada and India, which hyphenate their titles, and we should follow the local practice. At second and subsequent reference, use the surname OR his or her rank, e. Ranks in the non-English-speaking world should be translated without hyphens. The term does imply the ship is a combatant, but a fleet auxiliary — a navy ship carrying stores, fuel and ammunition — is a warship. Warships vary in armament and in size, from a few hundred tonnes to tens of thousands. Identify the type — e.

Never use battleship as a synonym for warship. It should not be confused with other classes of warship, such as frigate, destroyer or cruiser. These may also carry helicopters, but they are not aircraft carriers. They carry helicopters, landing craft, commandos or marines, and may carry amphibious armored vehicles.

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It is not to be confused with other classes like corvette, minesweeper, patrol boat, frigate, destroyer. Do not use as a synonym for warship. A submarine may fight submerged or on the surface, using torpedoes or missiles — the missiles being tactical or strategic. There are two main submarine types depending on the method of propulsion: nuclear and diesel electric.

Units, formations, army — Use capitals when you write the title of a specific unit, e. Also note that there are many national exceptions to these broad definitions. Three squads or sections form a platoon. Usually about strong, an infantry. A platoon typically has three sections or squads. The platoon may be led by a sergeant or a junior commissioned officer. It may have its own light machinegun and mortar units of two or three men each as well as antitank weapons and possibly shoulder-fired antiaircraft missiles. In a cavalry armored unit the platoon is often called a troop of three or four vehicles.

Some armies use troop instead of platoon in their artillery units. In a cavalry unit the term squadron may be used. The Royal Horse Artillery regiments, for example, are divided into five batteries. It is usually commanded by a lieutenant colonel. Commanded by a brigadier, as in the British Army, or brigadier general. Usually commanded by a major-general, it can contain all elements needed to operate independently and is then effectively a small self-contained army. Often commanded by a lieutenant general.

Tends to be the command of a full five-star general or a marshal or field marshal. The army group — of several armies — was a feature of the big land battles of World War Two. Traditionally, infantry marched into battle. Mechanized infantry refers to foot soldiers carried to the battlefield in trucks. In modern armies, infantry is carried into battle in armored vehicles, supported by tanks and artillery. Use varies. Find out precisely what is meant in any particular case. It can be used as a synonym for either a battalion or a brigade. Also, a regiment in the British army may have one or more battalions, but these rarely serve together as or in a brigade.

The 1st battalion of the Royal Halberdiers may be part of an armored brigade formed for service in the Middle East, while the 2nd battalion of the same regiment is in Scotland. Use with care. Many but not all cavalry armored regiments are broken down into squadrons and troops. Some air forces are organized on the basis of squadrons — each with several flights — and grouped as wings. The term squadron may also refer to a group of ships, a small fleet usually put together for some particular task.

A troop may also be a small unit of armor or guns. It comprises guns, howitzers, large mortars, multiple-rocket launchers, antiaircraft guns and missiles. Some armies use heavy artillery only for guns of a caliber of mm and up. A semiautomatic reloads itself but the trigger has to be pressed for each shot. Many types of rifle offer the option of automatic fire and semiautomatic.

A pistol is not an automatic weapon, but a machine-pistol is. It is fired upwards and then comes down. Some missiles, although not many, fly on a flat trajectory and are therefore not ballistic missiles, e. It is distinguished from the spent cartridge case ejected from the weapon. The entire cartridge comprises cartridge case, priming charge, propellant and bullet. It is expressed in millimeters or decimal fractions of an inch, e.

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Other examples: a mm howitzer, a mm field gun, an eight-inch gun, a. It can be mounted in aircraft or on a truck, a tank chassis, a fast patrol boat or as the main armament on an armored vehicle. It often has more than one barrel and typically varies in caliber from 20mm up to 40mm. Cannon as a synonym for artillery is archaic and should be avoided. Tomahawk guided to its target using terrain-mapping radar.

They can also be launched from ships and submarines. This emits high-power microwave signals intended to cripple enemy electronics. A gun may be towed or self-propelled, when it moves under its own power on tracks or wheels, with the crew provided with some degree of armored protection. It may be towed or it may be self-propelled. ICBM — Intercontinental ballistic missile with a range of about 3, miles. A light machine gun typically provides a squad or section of soldiers with fire support.

Although it is called light it may be heavier than a rifle.

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An example is the U. It may be used to provide the main armament on a troop carrier or the secondary armament on a tank. Do not confuse with a submachine gun, which is lighter and designed for individual rather than group use. Use the expression machine pistol only when a weapon is specifically designated as such by the manufacturer or armed forces using it. MIRV — Multiple independently targetable reentry vehicle.

Each of the warheads carried by this ICBM can be aimed at a different target. It is therefore wrong to say mortars exploded at the airport. It is correct to say mortar bombs or mortar rounds did so. The mortar bomb has fins to stabilize it in flight. It is lobbed at the target, describing a steep parabola and falling almost vertically.

It can strike behind a hill, house or wall, or hit troops in trenches. Small mortars are carried by infantry, larger ones may be mounted or towed. Although largely ineffective against most modern tanks, it is still widely used by guerrillas or militias in many countries. It fires an antitank round. Do not confuse it with a mortar or a howitzer. The trend is toward lighter, shorter and smaller caliber rifles.

It may be semiautomatic, automatic or both. Bolt-action rifles, in which each cartridge is manually placed in the breech using a bolt mechanism, are still used by snipers because of their accuracy, range and reliability. RPG — Rocket-propelled grenade. Submachine gun — An automatic weapon with many of the characteristics of a machine gun — fully automatic, a high rate of fire — but it is lighter, shorter, of smaller caliber and is designed for the individual rather than the group.

It can be easily concealed. Its small size and light weight make it ideal for combat in built-up areas, for guerrilla warfare and for airborne forces. It has a short range and is less accurate than a rifle or machine gun. Definitions are blurred: a Kalashnikov AK was designated a submachine gun by the former Soviet armed forces but is known as an assault rifle in the West.

SAM — Surface-to-air missile, launched from the surface against an aircraft or another missile. SLBM — Ship- or submarine-launched ballistic missile. Using a bamboo spike smeared with excrement may have been unconventional to the U. Be specific. WMD — The abbreviation for weapons of mass destruction. Spell out on first reference. Usually taken to mean biological, chemical and nuclear weapons.

Usually a group of citizen soldiers but the meaning differs from country to country and may include everything from government backed armed soldiers to rebel groups. It can include a military force raised from the civil population to supplement a regular army to a military force engaging in rebel or terrorist activities in opposition to a regular army. If in doubt avoid the term and use something more descriptive such as "armed citizens" and ensure the context clarifies their pro-government or anti-government role.

The abbreviation mln can be used for the sake of brevity in headlines. Use numerals before million, 6 million. Do not go beyond two decimal places. Use this word with care and never of a political protest.