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Sad but dutiful, she departs and excels at martial arts in school, eventually learning of the death of her parents and feeling the first glimpse of the struggle she will face throughout her life; where does she fit in? Is she Manchurian, Chinese, Japanese? Denied her true love, assaulted by her adopted father and forced to marry a Mongolian prince she finally rebels against being used as a tool by those around her and determines to be the master of her own destiny. Again, there is a genuine connection for the much mistreated princess but we see a hint of hurt as well as anger in her when they realize that their two visions of the future for China can never be reconciled.

He is an ardent republican nationalist, she wishes the imperial monarchy and the honor of her family restored to glory. Using all the means at her disposal, which at that point are simply her feminine wilds, the princess joins the Japanese forces of the Kwantung Army, rapidly rising as the favorite of the rather over-acted Commander Tanaka.

Some more dramatic license is taken when the Qing princess is recruited to use a combination of force and blackmail to get the Empress Wan Jung to go to Manchuria as her husband, the last Emperor who appears once will not leave without her. She is not exactly thrilled with her place in the Japanese operation, but she looks to no one else to correct this and remains as ruthless and resourceful in ensuring her survival and advancement. I thought there was a chance for something much better when the princess took command of the Anguo Army but that period in her life was cut rather short. There is an assassination attempt a mysterious one and she is sent to Tianjin to run a thinly-veiled spy ring using a restaurant as a front.

In the Chinese language, Kawashima's name both Chuandao Fangzi and Jin Bihui are synonymous with the idea of a "female spy" or a hanjian.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the Hong Kong film based on the person, see Kawashima Yoshiko film. Ganjuurjab m.

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In Tamanoi, Mariko Asano ed. Crossed Histories. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press. The Independent. Retrieved 14 February Namespaces Article Talk.

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The extremely eccentric Manchurian princess who is briefly seen in The Last Emperor in the scenes set in Manchukuo, receives a more comprehensive screen treatment here. Born a scion of the rapidly fading Ching Manchu dynasty of China, Yoshiko Kawashima Anita Mui was taken away by the Japanese to be raised in their country's court circles when she was only six.

For political reasons, she was married off to a Mongolian prince by the Japanese. Shortly after that, she embarked on a startling career of war and romance, beginning with having an affair with a Japanese officer, and including many affairs with women. Her assertiveness won her an officer's position in one of the armies of the period. After the war, this woman who never considered herself Chinese was shot by the Chinese as a traitor to "her" country. Eddie Fong.


Lilian Lee , Li Pak-Wah. Golden Harvest Company. Andy Lau as Fook. Derek Yee as Amakasu. Kai Wah Ng as Lam.

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