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A precious holiday family heirloom tells the story of generations - The Boston Globe

Mental Health Awareness: Facts and figures Show all And 26 per cent of people who feel anxious say fearing for the welfare of their children and loved ones leaves them burdened with worry. And 26 per cent of people say fearing for the welfare of their children and loved ones leaves them burdened with anxiety. But 16 per cent use alcohol to cope, while 10 per cent turn to cigarettes in the face of anxiety.

Unemployed people are more likely to resort to these harmful strategies: 27 per cent use alcohol and 23 per cent use cigarettes. Only seven per cent of people who say they suffer from anxiety seek help from their GP. The stresses of modern life are thought to have created "The Age of Anxiety". It does work - although research suggests this year some people are getting a little bored of Christmas adverts.

With numbers like this, how can a business miss out on the opportunity Christmas presents pun not intended? But, reactions towards Christmas ads can dramatically affect brands and businesses, positively or negatively.

Iceland received great praise and worldwide recognition and no doubt profited from it greatly , whilst Clearcast, the vetting agency, faced a storm of abuse and was forced to shut down their Facebook page. As hard as it is to believe, advertising carries on in January and beyond. Understanding the generational nuances of their audience s is crucial. So what have you got to do to get them engaged?

Generation X are on their phones as much as your average millennial or Gen Z, but are more wary of ads looking like spam - this can be a difficult one to get around. If you make it genuine and upfront and not promising the world like some spam ads , you might just be onto something. So, your Facebook ads will no doubt be seen by this generation - you may want to keep this in mind, especially if your ad is looking a little more Gen Z than Gen X. Of our three generations, millennials are often the most vied for. An estimated 12 million people makes for a pretty key generation to advertise to. While not necessarily used as an advertising channel per se, you should consider the importance of reviews.

Millennials make sure your product or service is worthwhile by asking friends or looking at its reviews. As a millennial myself, I can vouch that this is true - everytime I go to try something new, I always check to see what everyone else says first. While Generation X want nostalgic advertising, millennials want the artsy type.

The midwestern mainstay transformed commerce into a communal holiday spectacle

And add a bit of humour too. If your company is renowned for its charity work, millennials will be after you. Famed for being dedicated to making the world that bit better, millennials will fight for a good societal and public welfare justice issue. Understandably, there was massive uproar and the ad was promptly removed and banned, due to campaigning of some millennials.

Of course, the cynic says no publicity is bad publicity. Goes to show that annoying a large majority of your target audience is not the way to go. Now onto the youngest of the three - Gen Z. If your company and its products are suitable for social media advertising, then run wild. Just a heads up - Gen Z spend most of their social media time on Snapchat or Instagram, so create an interesting enough account to get the youngest generation following you. However, looking at the tables, the more traditional means of advertising generate higher percentages than online formats with Gen Z.

A possible explanation could be that the sudden push for online advertising created such an influx that brands get missed. Ultimately, we are not all the stereotypes of our generation - what might appeal to one person may not appeal to the next. Look at millennials and Gen Z. Find out what has caught our eye from the worlds of design, web and video and sign up to receive regular Storm12 blog alerts. Some of these cookies are essential, while others help us to improve your experience by providing insights into how the site is being used.

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