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The Case of Poland. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. In: Aminzade et al. Beck, Ulrich : The Cosmopolitan Vision. Cambridge: Polity Press Google Scholar. Boje, Thomas ed. London: Routledge Google Scholar. Connerton, Paul : How Societies Remember. Dahrendorf, Ralf : Reflections on the Revolution in Europe. In: Elster,Jon : Google Scholar. Grancelli, Bruno ed. Gurr, Ted : Why Men Rebel. Hirschman, Albert : Exit, Voice and Loyalty. Janowitz, Morris ed. Thomas on Social Organization and Social Personality.

Kojder, Andrzej : Corruption in Poland: symptoms, causes. Scope and attempted countermea-sures. Kumar, Krishan : Revolutionary Ideas and Ideals. Luhiste, Kadri : Explaining trust in political institutions: some illustrations from the Baltic states. Offe, Claus : Varieties of Transition. Ritzer, George : McDonaldization of Society. Shlapentokh, Vladimir : Trust in public institutions in Russia: the lowest in the world. Sztompka, Piotr b : Intangibles and imponderables of the transition to democracy. Sztompka, Piotr : Dilemmas of the great transition.

Sztompka, Piotr a : Civilizational incompetence; the trap of post-communist societies. In: Zeitschrift fur Soziologie 2: Google Scholar. Recently she has also conducted research on energy poverty. She has also been interested in issues such as food insecurity, food, and relations between humans and animals. Davidson, M. Gross eds. The Oxford Handbook of Energy and Society.

Oxford University Press: Oxford University Press. Doi: Energy Policy , 88C, pp.

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Skip to main content. PT EN. Advanced Studies. Selected publications: - Horta, A. Groups Membro Environment, Territory and Society. Jounal Article Horta, A.

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Carvalho, A. Schmidt, L. Horta, A. Fonseca, S. Truninger, M. Nobre, N. Bartiaux, F. Correia, Augusta Social diffusion of energy-related practices and representations: Patterns and policies in Portugal and Belgium Energy Policy , 88 , pp.

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Nuclear Chemistry Part 2 - Fusion and Fission: Crash Course Chemistry #39

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Sylvia Walby

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